Saturday, September 6

The Rain Finally Stopped!

Eddie's foot is doing much better. He injured it by over reaching with his back hoof and scraped the back of his bulb. Ouch!
Today I did a quick review of the seven games. It went OK, I realized that I wasn't being the leader, so I got a little frustrated. But I sat on the grass, he grazed around me, and I took a deep breath and finished the rest of the seven games.
Then in the afternoon I had a better plan. He already knows the seven games, so that's why he wasn't too interested earlier. I put a 'savvy' face on and then we did his kind of play, uber play! We backed by the tail, change of direction at the trot, and draw at the trot. He was so much more happy to be moving!
Hopefully tomorrow's early play time will be more savvy!

Savvy on!
Lea * Eddie

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