Thursday, September 11

Last three days

Man, I knew I would get behind on this! Let's see....

On the 9th. we took the ponies for another walk, on the 10th. we played with them for over two hours! We went for another walk, then went in the pasture and outdoor arena to ride around. It was so nice outside yesterday! I love fall, favorite season, and unfortunately shortest season! Well today I tried join up... It went pretty good. I could see all the signs and then I let him in and he sniffed my hair. But then he didn't exactly do the follow up. (when you walk in arcs and circles and they follow you). But it was fun, because afterwards, he licked his lips and sighed. Obviously enjoying the rest. I was going to ride, but then we had to go finish up school. So it was a great last three days! I'm applying all the things I've learned from everywhere and it couldn't get better!

Here are some pictures form yesterday:

Savvy out!

Lea & Eddie

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