Friday, September 12

Grooming and more rain!

All we did today was groom the ponies and let them out on pasture. We were really tired form last night (kittens kept us up) so we let them have the day off. So now it's raining and we're doing more school to catch up on things for Hallstrom.

I think that's all for today! We went shopping, (hehe)! We went to Target and Kohl's just to look around and get out of the house. It was fun!

When we got home I let the horses out on the pasture and Eddie came up to me and stood by me and Scout did too. It was so sweet, I told him, "I told you we'd get a buddy for you." It was a long 15 months for him being alone. And then Scout blew into Eddie's nose and they let out content sighs. It was so cute!

Here is a pic of when Scout first came here in July:

I love you Scout! Never leave me!!!!!!

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