Saturday, January 14


It's that time of year again! Fresh snow, slippery snow, an eager pony, and two eager sisters.
We skijored this morning and went back and forth in the pasture. Scout was such a trooper and pulled us without a fuss. He did spook a little bit towards the end, but the cinch was pinching him, so I don't blame him. Poor Scouty!
Then this afternoon I played with Eddie and took him for a walk in all the fresh snow. Then we went into the outdoor and worked on our dressage. Eddie was LOVING it! He was offering sidepasses left and right (literally - LOL!) and we trotted through all the big drifts. His trot was HUGE and it was so fun to ride bareback. I can finally sit it now without feelin' like a sack of potatoes! hehe!
It's such a lovely day... I took Diesel for two laps around our property which equates to about a mile. It was so fun and we ran the whole way - he just had so much energy. And plus is kept him from grazing on the really lush stuff.

Well, I'm headed back out to enjoy the snow. I tell ya, I could so live in some place where there is snow 6 months out of the year. Hmm.... Where would that be?
haha, anyway... I'll enjoy the snow while I can and I hope that you all are having a great weekend!

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