Thursday, January 12

A Fresh Blanket of Snow

It finally snowed today! We have about 3 inches or so and it's going to snow all night and all day tomorrow. Of course, that makes for bored ponies and a bored me. I'm so used to being out with them from noon to night and playing and doing chores, it feels weird to be just sitting around. But it's been nice to have a break. I have to admit, my legs thank me because they are still sore from doing too many trims. Ah well, it's a good kind of sore. You know how that goes...
But it is so nice to have snow - we've been waiting for it for two months and it's finally here! Hopefully it will be around for a while, the horses love it and I do too!

~Lea & Eddie~

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Hi from Italy!
I love the first pictures!
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see you soon =)

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