Monday, January 16

A 'Free' Day

Eddie didn't want to do anything structured today. It was one of those days where we could just go for a walk and he could graze the whole time. So, that's basically what we did! We went for a walk around the whole property, rode in the outdoor for a little bit and then went for another walk. :-) He has gotten so confident with going through the south line, we went back there today and he was walking through all he grass, he ate some grape vines and dead grass, oh yeah, he was having a blast! It was so fun to watch him too and walk with him. He is such a good boy!
When we were riding, he just had a look about him and felt weird to me. Almost like he was ok with me riding, but he really wanted to do something else. So I hopped off, let him get a few bites from his nibblenet and then we went back out over to the pine grove where the grass is uber long. And he was happy and content! It's so interesting how I can tell he's off just by feel. I think we've really developed our feel, sometimes I think I can even read his mind. :-) And it's such a cool feeling. <3

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