Monday, January 30

A Beautiful Day!

The sun was shining, it was above 40 degrees.... It was a beautiful day!
I played with Eddie for an hour. We rode, went for walks out around the property and played out in the pasture. When I rode, we worked on lightness and feel. For about 20 minutes we played with it and by the time we were done, I could back him up with just a shift of my weight and turn him too without touching the reins. I own a pretty amazing horse.

I took Diesel out next and we went for several laps around the property, through the trees, a lap on the track, around the buildings, through the south line... We had a blast and we were so pooped when we were done. He went to take a nap and I went to go and get their hay around the the night. *sigh* have I ever said that I love the smell of hay & horses? There isn't anything better.

Scout is doing much better too. His feet are cool and he isn't shifting his weight anymore. Also, he went for a little walk today and was perfectly comfortable. Slow. But comfortable. So this evening we're going to take his pads off and let his feet air out. Also, I thought I should share this with you all... If you need any information about horse nutrition, laminitis, or really anything relating to the horse's diet, this is an excellent, excellent, excellent, resource. Take her courses, you won't be disappointed.


Laura said...

Hi Lea! Is there a way I can contact you? I have a horse with laminitis and potential cushings disease and was wondering if you have any tips.

Janine said...

I gave you an award on my blog:)

Lea and Eddie said...

Hey there, Lauren!
Yes, you can contact me by my email,
Also, there is a huge database on yahoo groups where owners of insulin resistant horses and horses with cushing's disease post.
Ask to join the group and give a reason. Then just go about 100 posts back and read from there. You will learn SO much and you can ask questions too. :-)

Thank you, Janine! I'll go check it out!

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