Wednesday, December 28

Must! Blog!

I MUST BLOG! It's been too long and only 14 little blog posts for the whole month of December?!
Blogger Crisis!
I played with Eddie today (naturally!) and we did a whole obstacle/agility course. Videos coming soon!
Then we rode in the outdoor and he was really spunky, so we didn't do too much. Just weaved in and out of barrels and played with the pedestal. I'm going to get the red light out tomorrow again and do some more calming points on him. That really seemed to help him and it's all natural. :-)
Also, we're going out to do some red light on a friend's horse and I'm going to take a look at her feet. I'm really excited just about all things equine podiatry. I made logos this morning, planned out business cards and I got my next module in my online course. Trimming, trimming, trimming. Here I come!

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