Saturday, October 8

Lovely Weather!

A little warm, but sunny, windy and beautiful!
Naturally, I played with all the horses today! First it was Eddie, then I played with Scout and took him for a walk and then I took Diesel for a walk. They all loved it!
So, it was exercise time with Eddie out in the pasture! We cantered around together, jumped a few things, did some cavaletties and then we went for a long walk in the track. The leaves were blowing everywhere and it was so pretty! We just took our time and he nibbled on some leaves.
Then Eddie and I went back into the pasture and did some sidepasses at the trot. I thought, oh, why not?! So we worked on it for a while and he really got it! It took some time and patience because he kept wanting to trot forward. But he sidepassed at the trot twice and I was very proud of him! I have to let him come forward a little bit, or else it would be too hard for him. He's such a good boy!
Next it was Scouty's turn!! We did some cavaletties out in the pasture and trotted around together. Well... We actually raced! lol! It was fun! Then we went out to the 'wild' aka outside of the fences and we went around the whole property. He LOVES going for walks. I wish we could take them up to Deer Run or Oak Ridge. They are both really nice trails only 5 minutes away from us. But alas... No trailer. Once I start trimming and save up enough for one, I'll buy the trailer and mom will buy the truck! :-) Anywhos...
We went for a nice walk and then I took Diesel out for a graze up by the house. He found the nicest patch of clover and wouldn't move from it! lol! Such a silly boy!
Overall, it was such a lovely fall day. This whole week looks to be beautiful too!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Isaiah 43:11-12
I, even I, am the LORD,
      And besides Me
there is no savior.
       I have declared and saved,
      I have proclaimed,
there was no foreign god among you;
      Therefore you
are My witnesses,”
      Says the LORD, “that I
am God.

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