Sunday, October 2

I Can Fly!

...Right into the manure heap!

Say what?!

I decided to go for a trail ride with Eddie today. Our first every trail ride if you can believe it. Well, we've gone on the track and stuff but not out of the pens.
So, all was swell and I was riding up the north line of the outdoor. To the north and east of our outdoor, the manure heap sits. Ruminates. Whatever. The gate was open in the north east corner of the outdoor. Eddie saw that the gate was open and was like, "SCORE! GRASS!" So he was pulling in that direction. I stopped him and tried to turn him.
Eddie plowed through the gate, turned sharply, I had to bring my leg up and over the post and I think that spooked him. That and going somewhere we have never been on horseback before.
He trotted.
He bucked.
He bucked again.
And I went flying off.
I rolled, got yucky shavings all over me and jumped up.
There goes Eddie!
Cantering through the pumpkin field!
Around the silo! And he stopped and hid behind it.
:-/ Okay.... I ran after him and caught him. No big deal. The funny thing was he was SO sleepy beforehand. I thought it was a perfect day for a trail ride. Oh well, I'm not hurt, he's not hurt and we'll try again some other time. I was kind of funny. Although I do feel sorry for him, I think he got pretty shaken up/nervous.
What a day, what a day! Don't you just love those horse?!

~Lea & Eddie~

Proverbs 29:25
The fear of man brings a snare,
      But whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe.

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Janine said...

Oh gosh, I am just glad you are both ok:)

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