Thursday, September 1

I'm Baaaack!!

Whoa! I can't believe that today is September 1st!!!!
So, here is a summary of the last five days - the KC course.

Day 1 - Classroom day. Learned a TON and took over 30 pages of notes.

Day 2 - Classroom day again. Took more notes and asked lots of questions. I will post some of the highlights soon.

Day 3 - Classroom for most of the day. Dissection towards the end of the day. That was super cool!

Day 4 - Trimming cadavers. Which was quite nasty, but very informational. I trimmed two hooves and got the balance perfect.

Day 5 - Trimming live horses!! Yesterday was SO much fun!! I trimmed an older 20+ year old horse whose name was Blaze. He had some bad flares and thin walls. When I was done, KC checked it and said that the live sole plane was just a touch high. He also took a little more flare off because Blaze's flares were bad and infected.

I am so stoked!

Needless to say, I'm going to trim our three boys once it gets cool out and then go and do Jigs too. One of the big things I learned was that little details are SO important. After this course, I KNOW that this is what I am supposed to do. And I can't wait to take on more horses!

Eddie is very happy to have me home and I am so happy to be home too.
Life is good.
God is great!

~Lea & Eddie~

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.


Janine said...

Very, very exciting! Glad you are back!

Ellyn said...

I want to learn to trim! Is it difficult?

Lea said...

Janine, so am I! It's so nice to be home! Do you think you'll take the KC course next year in Woodstock?
Well, there is a lot of science behind it and every structure has an individual function. They all relate to one another and if one is out of balance with the coffin bone, it throws everything off. If you want to learn, I recommend KC's book and DVDs.
You can find his website here:

Janine said...

I just got my book and DVD's last night! I am on chapter 2 and I am so thrilled to have this book! It's written great and easy to understand. I am glad you told me to get these first! I probably would do a clinc. But not sure when? I want to get through these DVD's and finish the book. With my 2 jobs, and my 2 horses. Finding time is sometimes hard. But I will do my best!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for all your help Lea!!!!!!!!

Lea said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you like the book!! KC's material is so great, his DVD's are mind-blowing and so informational.
It would be really cool to meet you at the course in Woodstock next year!

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