Thursday, August 25

Pictures From Today


Janine said...

Where did you take your first KC La Pierre's course? Did you take the 5 day? Is it hard for a beginner, who knows nothing about hooves? I am thinking of learning to do my own 2 horses? I live in MI. But I really don't know if I would make it a career for myself though. But I am affraid I'll do a 5 day course and just be lost. Can you give me your thoughts? Congrats by the way being so young and learning a great career so early!!!!

Lea said...

I took his first course in Woodstock, IL one year ago. He comes back annually so I thought I would just attend his next clinic here instead of traveling quite a ways to attend one sooner.
Yup, they are the 5-day courses.
And the first time I went my head was totally spinning. I had read KC's book, watched his dvds multiple times and read Pete Ramey's books.
The courses are very in-depth and very scientific! But brilliant!
I would suggest reading KC's book or watching his DVD's. Also, Pete's book Making Natural Hoofcare Work for You is a great read and very informational. Just from doing those few things, and watching our trimmer do our horses, I was pretty confident to start our own.
I hope that it goes well for you! Once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier! :)
Thank you! I am very excited to start! :)

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