Friday, August 12

Eddie Update

Eddie and I suffer from oval-syndrome. You see, it's this common problem that riders and horses face when they are scared of certain areas of their arena.
You get the picture.
The east corners are particularly spooky to my equine friend. The combination of the long grass, dung pile and hustling corn is enough to get him nervous.
Therefore, along with our Think Harmony, we have been practicing hanging out in the corners. We will go to one (while I'm riding) I will give Ed itches, grain and let him rest. Then we move on to the other one and do the same thing. He also likes going to the right, more than he likes going to the left. I think it's because he feels like he is always looking at the spooky-ness when he goes right. It's just the way the arena is set up. And when he goes to the left, he always has his butt to the spooky-ness. Hmmm... Observations, observations.
So, we did that for a little bit today and yesterday and then we moved on to doing obstacles courses with my arms folded. I've seen Buck Brannaman do it and I decided to try it.
It went pretty darn well.
We did took some different routes through the arena - around this barrel, stop at this one, go to that one. That sort of thing.
hehe, oh guess what?! We also did a barrel racing run! Yahoo!!! Only at the trot though. :-) But that's fine with me! It was fun! I'll always remember the barrel racing pattern because I always wanted to be one. You know how some little girls always dreamed of being jumpers, or eventers? (there is nothing wrong with that by a long shot because I have tried jumping and it is SO much fun!) Anywho, I always wanted to be a barrel racer. I think the speed is what drew me in. ;-)

Looking back though, I'm glad that I never got into it. The ways that people make their horses go and run just astound me and make me mad.

But yes, Eddie and I have been having so much fun and he is just the best!

~Lea & Eddie~

Isaiah 40:31
They shall run and not be weary,
      They shall walk and not faint.

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