Thursday, August 25

Course Time!

Just like last year, it is time for KC La Pierre's course!! YIPPEEE!!! It starts this weekend and goes until Wednesday. I'm really excited about it because I have been trimming with this method for over a year and It's starting to become ingrained in my mind. Of course, I don't hitch myself to one wagon, but I really do like KC's method and our horses' hooves look fantastic. Eddie's cracks are all gone and Scout's flares/dish are gone from spring. Diesel no longer has long toes and they are all healthy, happy and sound! :-) Trimming is so fun!
After this course, I'm going to attend a one day Ida Hammer course down in Congerville, IL and after that... Who knows? Clients maybe? Another course? I'm taking it one step at a time and I think it's pretty awesome how God works. I'm only 17 and I'm close to starting my professional career.

Hurrah for Hooves!


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