Thursday, May 5

What an awesome day! We jumped!

Yesterday, Eddie and I had an incredible play time!!!!
He was really sleepy, so first we went for a lap on the track and just meandered around. Then we went into the outdoor and rode in there with Scout and Diesel. Oh my goodness, we had so much fun!!
We trotted a lot, went sideways over the poles and then we jumped! YES! I'm a jumper! lol! It was so awesome, and I got a really good video of it. Here is a still from the video:
Yeehaw!! He is such a good boy and hopefully we can do it more and more and go a little higher. But of course, I don't want to push it and we just like doing it for the fun of it. Oh, Eddie is such a good boy!
We probably rode for about 30-45 minutes and when we were done, I took Scout out to the pasture and did some cantering, trot poles and went for a ride in the track.
*big smile*
Our herd is so awesome, I just love them to pieces and I don't know what I would do without them!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

Job 39:19
“Have you given the horse strength?
      Have you clothed his neck with a flowing mane?"

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Ellyn said...

Sounds awesome! I love when horses behave :D

- Ellyn

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