Sunday, February 27

Playing with all the horses!!

 On Friday, it was really nice out! It was sunny, there was no wind and it was warm out.
So, I took advantage of the nice weather and played with all of the horses!
First Eddie and I played in the pasture, with some small things, then we went for a long walk out by the tree grove and went in the round pen for a while. He was very spunky once we got in there, but it was funny, because he was very sleepy in the pasture! lol!
Then Scout and I went out for a walk around the pasture.
 Scout was very hyper and just wanted to run when we were going through the tight spaces. But I just wiggled the rope a little bit and he calmed down. ;-) Such a silly guy! He was also very happy for the green, green grass. It was long and lush - aka laminitis lane! hehe!
After we fed them and they all settled in, I took Diesel out for a little walk. He was also happy for the grass and we waited for mom to come home from work. He is such a cutie! hehe, even though he kicked me today! Not hard, but enough to wake me up! lol!

Now, on to today!!! :-)

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