Wednesday, December 15

Frosty, Crunchy Snow!

That's just about what the footing was today! :-) Very crunchy, sort of slippery, but firm enough to play on.
So, Eddie and Scout and I had a great play time. First I played with Eddie out in the pasture and we had lots of fun running around, jumping over things and I hopped on for a little bit. He was very spunky, so I haltered up Scout and we went for a lap in the track together - all three of us. Which was fun! Scout loves to walk at a medium pace, and Eddie likes to walk r..e...a...l...l...y slowly. hehe, it was so cute! I had quite a handful with trying to speed Ed up, but slow Scout down and try to manage the ropes in between. But once we got halfway around the track, it was as easy as pie, and they were both very willing to do what I asked. :-) They are such good ponies!!

After that, we went in the outdoor and Allison and I let them run around together for a while. It was fun, and they were having a ball just running around, eating snow and biting each other. I love to watch them play!
I'll have some pictures up later, we took lots from today!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

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