Sunday, September 19

A Super Fun Day with Friends!

Today was a very fun, very exciting day!

Rebecca (here's her blog) came out and played with the horses with me! We had a really fun time, and played for probably 3 hours or more!
First we went into the outdoor and played with Scout and Eddie at liberty. She needed a little help with her stick to me, and I was more than happy to help her. You did great, Rebecca! Her and her horse will get it down in no time! :-)

Then Scout got a little crazy, and before we knew it, all three of them were galloping around the outdoor! lol! But we got them separated and all was fine. hehehe, why is it every time that we're supposed to have a super play day, the horses are crazy?! lol! But they were really fine... They all calmed down when we took them out to the pasture - WITH LINES - and set up a horse agility course!

Let's see... We had:

~A Barrel Wall
~Flapping Tarp
~Wait spot
~And the final hurrah! (which was a big jump)

It was really fun, and we timed each other! I think Rebecca won though.. ;-) Eddie never wanted to leave the flapping tarp! hehe!! He is so silly! I'll upload a few video later, it was so cool! I think that's something that I could really get into with Eddie. I could really see him doing some 'agility' things. Because he loves toys, he likes being at liberty, and loves to chase me! hehe! So I think it's a perfect match! We'll see! :-)

Lea & Eddie
Rebecca & Scout

Videos are coming!

Proverbs 17:17
"A friend loves at all times,"

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