Friday, September 10

Horse Agility

Ok, so first watch this video:

Then watch this video:

Having watched that... You can guess what we did today!

Allison and I set up an agillity course for the horses!
Although it was far from what was on the video... hehe!
We had:
  • A fake 'pond' aka a tarp with water over it.
  • A barrel squeeze
  • A jump ramp aka cavaletties that were on either side of a tube
  • Pole weave
  • and something else...
  • oh yeah! A trailer simulator!

So we played with all those things, and the horses had a lot of fun!
Here are some pictures!

Haha! He hardly fit beneath my legs! lol!

So we played with all those things...

Then I tried to get on from Eddie's neck!
Now, considering he is not as strong (i'm probably underestimating him...) as the horse that was in the video, and I'm not as light as the little girl in the video, but considering that, we did pretty good!

He brought me off of the ground twice, and I just wasn't up far enough, so I slid off. We quit after a few tries, because I didn't want him to hurt his neck, but maybe we'll try it again soon!
It was really fun, and really easy to get on!

Check out that girl's other videos. They are really something, and something that I definitely want to try someday. Maybe on a clydsdale or something... lol!

Lea & Eddie

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