Wednesday, June 30

Playing, Playing, Playing!

Today I played with Scout and Eddie! Separately though. ;-)

First I took Scout out into the outdoor and played at liberty with Diesel. So that was fun, until Scout decided that it was more fun to chase Diesel. Poor little guy! I guess I learned to play like that online first, and not at liberty. hehe!!
So after everyone was calmed down, then Scout and I did a few little things, and went for a walk. He had a blast going for a walk though. We found some fresh alfalfa, and then trotted up and down the east stretch of grass, grabbing clover in between 'trottings.' :-) Then we circled back around up to the barn, to the track and we ended there.

By that time, Eddie was in the pasture, so I haltered him up. Then we played for a nice long hour!

We did some advanced squeeze games, over the log with long reins. Then we did some long rein circles, and sideways. Oh, and we also did some lateral collection, which was fun! We've never tried it before, but I asked him to tuck his head, and then do different things. Which was fun and new! So after that we played with some hill therapy, which was pretty small, but it was still a hill! That got him very interested in the ground shape and such, so he was really interested! It was sort of hot out, so I sat in the grass and let him graze for a nice long time. We ended with some stick to me, and then I brought everyone off of the grass, and into their paddocks.
So overall, I was out there for a good 2 hours. But it was fun! I love my horsey days out there!
Oh yeah! I also sat on Eddie for a little bit. Which was fun!

I have been thinking about our riding lately, and more and more, he has given me days where he gives me his all. And I know that one day we will have one of those 'give-it-your-all' days and everything will be perfect! We've had quite a few of those days lately for Freestyle.
1. When we cantered for the first time
2. When we jumped for the first time.
3. When we trotted for a really long time in the outdoor
4. And when we rode bridleless for a long time in the outdoor.
 So they have gotten a lot more frequent lately. Which is awesome!! Our freestyle is slowly progressing, and pretty soon we'll be able to both overcome our fears and just ride. :-)

I love you Eddie! <3

   ~Lea & Eddie~
~Scout & Diesel~

Zachariah 14:9
And the LORD shall be King over all the earth.
      In that day it shall be—
      “ The LORD
is one,”
      And His name one.

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