Wednesday, May 5

Let's Play!

Today Eddie and I had an interesting session. We played in the morning, to avoid the wind, and went to the round pen first. We did some small things, nothing too big, or too interesting. Then we went for a walk in the track. Which made me think for a while because he wouldn't follow me.... Hmmm...
So I sat in the grass and thought for a little bit while he just watched me, a good 20 feet away. And I thought of what the Indians did with their horses. (Dad and I have been discussing that, because it's really cool, and he loves Indians.) They would literally gallop across prairies, bareback, not holding onto the reins, with a bow and arrow, to hunt the buffalo, which the herd could be up to thousands. Thousands of pounds of animals, and you're running in between them. Horsemanship, much?! So I wondered what an Indian would say if they saw that Eddie wasn't following me - aka not trusting me.
"Why doesn't he trust me enough to follow me?" I would ask.
"The answer is in the question."
"Do you trust him?"
"Well... Yeah."
"No... Do you trust him? Trust him enough, that if you had to walk along a cliff face, you would trust him to be surefooted?"
"No, I would get off." I would reply.
"There you have it. You don't trust him."

After going through that conversation in my head, I looked up. Eddie had made his way over to me, and his hooves were literally inches from my feet. So I started to get up, then remembered my conversation. I sat back down.
Eddie lowered his head and put it in my lap. He sniffed my head, lipped at my hat, and then grazed.
I would have missed a special moment if I hadn't trusted him.

I think I've realized that when we ride horses, play with horses, or even be around horses, we put our lives in their hooves, which are ultimately in God's Hands. So if we trust our horses, then we are actually putting our trust in God. Because God has everything planned.
But of course that means we can't be ignorant and stay on when we should get off, or do stupid things.

That just got me thinking today.
How interesting!

Anyway, Eddie and I finished our walk with him right beside me the whole time. :) And we ended with playing in the pasture for a little bit. It was a fun day, and made me learn alot!

~Lea & Eddie~

Psalm 9:10
And those who know Your name put their trust in You,
for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.

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