Thursday, January 7

Snow Play!!!

Here's a short video of Eddie and I playing today. We had a TON of fun in the snow!!
We went out around 1:30 and we played in the round pen. First we were online and we did some things just to get his attention. His bullseye is getting really, really good. I asked him to pick it up and he did it automatically! Now we just have to bump it up to the next gait. :) But that will take time.
Then we went to liberty and did lots of fun things! We started with sideways towards and away then played with some circling. It was really good! I mean, SUPER good! His transitions were so smooth and effortless and a few times he did close circles at the walk and trot without me asking him. So I called Allison over to film our Level 3 Liberty Audition! I grabbed some barrels and we played a little bit then we started it! It was going ok, but he had 'used up' all of his draw ;) so it wasn't as good as I would want it to be. Besides, the batteries went out on the camera. So it wasn't meant to be today, but we'll know when it's time! Anyway, before we started videoing - he was doing some awesome stuff! We did some spins and they were excellent! Very fluid and pretty fast. We did some 'chase me' too and he was chasing me everywhere!! lol! We did some cutting in between there too. He was so funny!
Here are some pictures from today!

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot! We rode after this too! He did really well! I grabbed a saddle pad because he was so wet, and I hopped on with my 2 savvy string as reins. We trotted a whole lap in the round pen - which just goes to show that we have made a TON of progress! Last winter I would never have thought we would be able to do that. I know, it sounds silly "Trotted a whole lap!" But it's the journey that we've taken and we have gone through a lot. We trotted around, did a figure eight. Oh and guess what?! We did a sidepass, it was really light and he did it perfectly! Yippeeeeee!
We had such a good play time!
Lea & Eddie

1 Corithians 12:6
And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all.

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