Wednesday, December 30

Trimmin' Time!

Yesterday Mike came out to trim the boys! :) They did great! Eddie's feet look amazing and Scout's are getting much better. (Thanks to the Pete Goo!) hehe!
The weather is getting better too. It was sunny for the past 2 days and now it's snowing on and off today. But it's tolerable!  I'm hoping to play with Eddie today out in the pumpkin field or something, because it's now icy out there. So we shall see where we play today! I think we might play with some more spanish walk too and get better at that!
Yesterday I hopped on Eddie while Mike trimmed Scout and I got to watch how he trimmed Scout so that I can keep him rounded off in the front. :) It will be fun, I really, really like trimming, especially Diesel! hehe! Eddie did really good when I asked him to back up. I just had to wiggle my legs and he backed right up. Yippeee! I think we're getting closer to bridleless riding! just needs more practice!

This morning I went throgh the self-assessment checklist and I was really surprised with our online. I think we need a Level 5 column! There are only 3 things that we can't do in Level 4 online. I know there are things we can improve on, but still, not many 'new things' we can start. It's time to go to youtube and watch some Level 4 auditions to get ideas of things to do. :)
Anyway, our December DVD came in the mail today from parelli and so did the Audio CD, so I'll put that on my mp3 player and watch the DVD to get some more things to do!

Also, we went to go and hold Jiggies (Crissie's horse) He did really good, and I played with him afterwards.

We did some circling, falling leaf, sideways and some bullseye. He did great, but his circles were a little off and it took quite a few sneaky phase 4's to get him out of the circle.
His feet are looking, much, much better. Yay!

Lea & Eddie

John 8:31-32
Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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