Sunday, December 20

Post #331 & Some Level 4 Online Stuff

Yup, it's post number 331! I can't believe it! Time has flown by so quickly!
So this is what Eddie and I did yesterday. I couldn't decide between Liberty or Online, but since we did Liberty the day before, I decided to do Online. I grabbed the 45 foot line and headed out with Edward. :) First we went for a lap on the track doing some circling game and trotting sideways. He did great considering he was pretty distracted by wind or something of the sort. I got his mind where it should be and then we did some zone 5 driving with one rein. He did some very nice haunches in and transitions with a phase 1.
After we went for a lap we went in the pasture with Scout and Diesel. Oh my goodness... His circles were INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even explain them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stood in the middle, sent him out and he went cantering to the end of the 45. HE STAYED CONNECTED for the first time!!!! His ear was on me and was so attentive. He did 4 laps - at the canter - at the end of the 45 foot line. While I stood in neutural! Oh my goodness. It was amazingly incredible!
Then we did some zone 5 driving with 2 reins. We did the weave pattern, some sidepasses and push a barrel. :) He's so awesome. <3 Then Crissie came to watch us with mom and Allison. She had come a little before I went out to play. Eddie so knew that they were watching. They were cheering and yelling and... *cracks up* He started strutting his stuff! We jumped the double barrels (one barrel then another barrel about 20 feet away from the first one) and he did a beautiful flying change of direction while he was out at the end of the 45. He did his front feet and back feet at the same time, so that was awesome! We did some cutting game with them cheering too and he was rearing and having a jolly ole time showing off. *laughs* He is so cool. I love you so much Eddie! Thank you God for giving me this amazing partner!
This is the song that sums up my life right now. It's Open Up Your Eyes by Jeremy Camp. It's on my playlist down a ways on my blog if you want to listen to it there. "The time has come to realize and see the plan you've been designed for. So face the fear of all unknown and see the heart inside." That's my favorite line from that song, and I'm living it! I feel like Eddie and I can reach anything nd do everything with God's amazing grace!
Just this morning I hopped on him for a good 15-20 minutes and we walked up and down the track's north end and he even trotted for quite a bit!


~Lea & Eddie~

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