Wednesday, October 22

It's windy and I'm hyper!

(From Eddie's point of view the last few days)
Yesterday my human came outside and groomed me, did my feet, held them between her legs and brushed my coat. Then she took me out in the pasture and it was WINDY! I was so hyper, and I couldn't wait to see what she would do when I jumped in the air like a Lipizzaner! Well I did jump, buck, and reared, and all she did was continue like nothing had happened. Golly she has a lot of moves! Then later in the day she played with me on the ground for a little bit, having me touch the barrels and go around every one like a cloverleaf. Then she got on... She was pretty cool! We trotted to every barrel and then would circle tight around it and go to the next one. It was like the pattern my one owner had me do, except she had made me do it too fast, and it was scary, but my human, she had fun with ME! Right now she's teaching me how to canter with the long rope. I watch her and when she starts to canter, (which looks very funny) I canter too. I usually do it, but when I don't she just has to encourage me and I pick it up. Man, she is F-U-N!
Ok, so today was a different story. It's cold. It's windy, and they took my buddy! (Not really) The other human took my friend (Scout the often call him) into the corn crib and I couldn't see him! I paced and paced the fence and called to him, but he wouldn't answer. Finally my human came and got me and took me out to graze next to him. Whew! I got so right brain a couple times she had to hit me with the clasp of the rope, but when I finally had my attention on her she calmed down and relaxed with me. Thanks! I needed that! She then took me in the outdoor and did some changes of direction on the circle. We ended on a good note, and then we got to go outside and graze. Cold weather gives me ENERGY!

Carrots rock!

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