Wednesday, October 8

Awesome day!

Today was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It started out rainy..... I finished school before lunch..... Then it got sunny and then we had a great play session!
We were playing online in the round pen, and because Allison (my sis) was playing Scout around the property Eddie got really RB because he couldn't see him a few times... So I kind of had to make myself known... with a few phase fours... I don't like doing that, but if I didn't he would have been on top of me. So we did a lot of things keeping his mind of me and not on the wandering pony. We touched things, sideways all the way around the pen twice, sweeeeeezed, figure eight around the barrels, back over the cone, trot towards me. Then he was fine! So after that we went back into the pasture and played around in there. Because Scout was finally with him Eddie was again a LBI, talk about a switch, RBE to LBI... "Hmmm... How interesting!" So we did a few canter circles, then we walked around the entire pasture, we did awesome change of directions, a few spins, stick to me (which was totally awesome because I 'held his hand') and then we ended it there because we had ended on such a great note. I can't wait to watch the freestyle and finesse parts of Level 3. Savvy all the way here we come!

Learning to be passively persistent,
Lea & Eddie

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