Friday, September 26

Haven't posted on here in two days! Oh no! ;-)

Yesterday morning I took Eddie in the round pen and played around at liberty for a bit. We did very good. A little transitions, and a bit of the seven games. After he got really RB suddenly I put him back online and played over cavaleties and through cones and in between barrels. It was a lot of fun! I think he had fun too, once he was LB again, he seemed to enjoy the change of scenery. So then we just went back into the outdoor and almost jumped over the barrels, we went sideways over them and played with a jolly ball. Hey, I even climbed under him while he was standing on a mound of dirt! Silly me!

Today the finesse reins came so I just rode with those. =-) YAY! They're so cool! And they are something that I can advance with! =-) That's about it! He didn't have too much go, so we went in the pasture and then he wanted to walk. So now, I'm going to play with the circling game and cookies. (Like the Savvy Club DVD 'Cookie fest'. Wish us luck!

Savvy All day long!

Lea & Eddie

(I'll post pictures later!)

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